At RASHKI We are creating Craft with a Cause .We are a company that believes in compassion for animals as much as commerce and craft. 

"It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” Joaquin Phoenix

We truly believe that you don’t need to be cruel to look good. Only when the last of the animals horns, Tusks, Skins and bones are sold, will Mankind realize that Money can never buy back our Wildlife. 

This inspired us to create something beautiful, great in functionality, robust and yet made without harming any animals. After careful research we identified best quality alternate to animal skin leather which can stay intact for a considerable duration. Our bags are made with Vegan Material.


The Founder

Rustam Chaudhary 

A serial entrepreneur, a dreamer with an aspiration to take local craft to the world . This young leader has a thing for fitness ,travel and a kind heart for animals. He has learned a lot from failures,his passion is contagious and is always willing to try something new .


“ We started RASHKI to create Craft with a Cause  . It is never an easy to take a stand . Many told us that Vegan fashion isn’t mainstream and there isn’t sizable market . However , We genuinely believe if you build a business with good intent , focus on quality and customer service , it is bound to succeed "



We at RASHKI offer crafted designs which are inspired from individual personalities. If you are entrepreneurial by nature, sculptor by imagination or a CEO by attitude, our designs will mirror this individuality.

Also we are proud of our artisans, their craft and precision. Our endeavour is to promote local craft and create employment opportunities for the society. All of our products are manufactured in India. We at Rashki believe in our Prime Minister's initiative of "Atmanirbhar Bharat" and strive to follow it.




RASHKI specializes in handcrafted premium handbags, blending quintessential sensibilities of the 21st century generation with contemporary designs and craftsmanship. Bringing together effective designs that complement the vibrant, modern day lifestyles of those young at heart, Rashki aims to appeal to men & women who have high ambitions with a sense of style.

 We bring to you a unique mix of design and craftsmanship to give a playful and fun twist to your everyday bags with premium quality Vegan Leather. The designs carefully balance a distinctive statement and individuality with elegance as every piece at Rashki is handcrafted exclusively for you. The stitching quality, precision on edges, premium fabric and exquisite finish are bound to give you a sense of euphoria.



Our Philosophy  

“Put Your Best Bag Forward ”

There is a famous quote from the movie "Devil Wears Prada" which aptly sums up our belief:

"Fashion is not about utility. An accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity."



Design Philosophy 

We don’t believe in creating conventional standard  bag designs which are fit for all. We believe every individual is a different personality. There are corporate executives, artists, entrepreneurs, international business travelers and style seekers. You don’t have to hide your laptop bag in a corner at an after office party.  Just like humans we try to give a personality to each design. 



Intelligently Designed 

Every bag is designed thoughtfully, not only outside but insides of it. You will be surprised to see how much a laptop bag can carry. There are separate compartments for individual accessories like Laptop, Phone, I-pad Mini, Pen, Wallet, and Book/diary. This helps to organize stuff and you don’t have to go waste time in finding things when you need them. Also you can conveniently detach strap so that you can use your bag like a briefcase too. Similarly our Handbags not only boast of trendy style but are also versatile in functionalities. 



RASHKI Quality Standards

We firmly believe that Quality is defined by Precision and Durability. Here are a few things which are pillars of good quality for us:


There are different grades of faux leather available in market ranging from low to high quality. Our merchandisers handpick the premium PU, Fabric, Lining material for each design and post that there is a detailed sampling, testing and quality check process before any design is rolled out in the market. 



2.Stitch Precision

Precision in stitch is very critical for overall aesthetics and durability of bag. We take special care while selecting the thread quality and uniformity of stitch.



We use best in class zippers, good quality reinforcement at joints, push locks and hooks. This makes Rashki bags durable and gives it an overall premium finish 



We use premium rigid box for packaging to keep the product intact. All our bags also comes with filling to ensure that the silhouette of bag is retained and we also layer it with a branded cotton inner bag. Outer packaging finish is premium too, you may not need to gift wrap it 



Compartments vary from design to design. However here are some of the features that which are common to all laptop bag designs :


Laptop Compartment: Dedicated padded space for laptop and Velcro strap for closure.

Inside Pockets: Zip pocket for keeping wallet / phone and slot for pen and other small accessories.

Main Compartment: Ample space for holding files, folders and other necessary things


Vegan Leather

At Rashki, we use a perfect substitute of animal leather. We deliver great quality products with best in class vegan leather, canvass, cotton, and jute as we believe it’s essential to take care of our surroundings and the beings in it. We truly believe that you don’t need to be cruel to look good and are passionate to take the finest materials and create something beautiful that everyone can enjoy.

 What is Vegan Leather ?

Our bags are made with polyurethane which is a polymer. Vegan leather is versatile as it is made in all kind of shades, it can sparkle and even a nice glossy sheen. Every year more than a billion cows, pigs, goats, sheep, alligators, ostriches, kangaroos and many others are slaughtered for their skins.

With our Vegan leather you can get a finish with finesse, robust quality with artistic designs. There are many other functional benefits of polyurethane leather like: It is water resistant, can be made into different colors and finishes, involves no animal killing.