Trend Alert: Salmon Pink Bag

This fashion season, the runway has been inundated with hues of pink and blue. This fashion trend is now extended to bag designs and colors as well.

I am a self-confessed bag hoarder and always on the lookout for the most stylish and efficient bag. My quest for that perfect laptop bag and color ended when I saw this bag.


In today’s fast-paced world, almost everybody carries their work along with them. An ideal laptop bag is defined by a lot of parameters viz; how safe and secure it is to carry your laptops, its functionality, whether it has various compartments, adjustable straps, etc. But hold on! As a woman, apart from above, it’s also important for me that it looks trendy, snazzy and unique.


This salmon color minimalist laptop bag has an endearing design that is sure to be a show stopper. It has all the functionalities that you would look for in a laptop bag plus a lot of zings!

I love bags with lots of compartments and zip pouches. Not only do these make storing your accessories, makeup, etc. convenient, they also prevent your accessories from jumbling and knotting together in one corner of the bag .


women laptop bag



The bag provides great protection for my laptop. The sleeve is very well padded, the exterior is made from vegan leather, hence durable and has a zipper that fastens all your stuff well. It’s also sleek and extremely good-looking.


The bag has both handles as well as a shoulder strap. This makes it convenient to both hold and hang onto it. The presence of handle and strap make it an ideal choice for long travels to airport or office.

Go on and make it an integral part of your lifestyle!



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